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A shop unique and authentic African Art the shop of Black Heritage, Values, History, Civilization and Pride. The Arts have consistantly expressed and communnicated the essence of African Culture and brilliance. Historically African Arts have been the primary vehicle by which lessons and values were transmitted and passed down over the centuries and evolving generations of Civilizations. The aim of my primitive Art designs, is to present a sampling of the best in African Culture and the art it produced in the ancient years, is fast disappearing through the force of economic necessity.

So it is hoped, therefore that these designs will produce an awareness, and stimulate a reaction that will give rise to a new African Art based on its own precedent.

The main function of my designs is simply to decorate and to please the eye, but some of them can be used as ornamental storage e.g. curved beauty boxes and bowls – primitive carving tends to be a means of group expression so that the design and shapes can rarely be considered as uncomplicated and unrelated decoration. The texture, marks and patterns on my carvings are primitive and primarily African Art which draws its inspiration from worldwide woodcarving designs.

Sometimes in most primitive societies use these traditional marks as their essential means of cultural communication. The patterns and motives were symbols that had a relevance and meaning within the tribe.

Different designs and their meaning:-

African Masks - these are different broad and thin faces with kissing lips from different African tribes.

Beauty Boxes - curved Jewelry boxes decorated with African patterns and primitive designs.

Antique Mirrors - dressing mirrors decorated at the sides with African patterns and primitive designs.

Animal Face Masks - painted on their Natural colours and decorations.

Trinity Masks - some African tribes used them as their religious statuary and altar pieces that were the Churchxs chief means of communicating with their God. (Mungu mmoja katika waungu watatu)



Ceremonial Mask
Ceremonial Mask


Trinity Mask
Trinity Mask

The Healing Man
The Healing Man


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